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Captain Nemo: portrayed by Robert Fox
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Golden Falcon 
and Mork:
modeled by Robert Marquiss
animated by John Suchy
Mongo: modified from Lightwave Apebot
by Robert Marquiss
definitions: Google definition search
music: "World Class" courtesy of AudioBlocks
sound effects: obtained from FreeSound and AudioBlocks
video clips: downloaded from:
  FreeStockFootage and
  Videvo by Mohan F.

Bhutan Birds and Contacts
White-Bellied Heron
photo by Mahesh Iyer
Lesser Fish Eagle
photo by Subramana C K
Steppe Eagle
photo by Sumeet Moghe
Chestnut-Brested Partridge
photo by Sumil Dete
Grey-Crowned Prinia
drawing by Joseph Smit
Blyth's Tragopan
photo attributed to Joran
Rufous-Necked Hornbill
photo courtesy of Mahananda
Wildlife Sanctuary
Dee Lhamo:
Assisting us in Bhutan

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