Some disasters don't involve cataclismic events:

But most do:

How they affect wildlife


In recent years, wildfires (formerly called forrest fires) have become more frequent and more devastating.

During the November 2018 Paradise Fire, this cat appeared
out of the wreckage and adopted firefighter Ryan Coleman.
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Wildfires seem to impact the human animal (us) the worst, so in fall 2018 our OO, Jonathan Marquiss, took a day off his "day job" to go help recovery efforts after the Malibu Fire in California.  He spent the day sifting through ash searching for anything that survived.

Jonathan at
the Malibu fire
The ash and
the sifter

In general the wild animals fared better acording to this National Geographic article.  This is text only – for the full article with links and videos, TAP HERE.

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