Captain Nemo’s Quest is a non-commercial web site and show series hosted in California, dedicated primarily to gather and share information about helping wildlife of the world.  Captain Nemo’s Quest does not collect or use personal information about its users, visitors and contributors, with the following exceptions:

First, we keep a record of donations for tax purposes and gift award determination.

Captain Nemo’s Quest also keeps documents sent by helpers of wildlife for possible use in the shows and to promote their positive actions to the world.

We generally try to acknowledge by name all contributors who helped us improve Captain Nemo’s Quest.  If your name appears in the credits, but you would like to remove it, please simply CONTACT US .  If you feel that your name should be there, please also let us know, this is almost certainly an oversight on our part (our apologies!).

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If you have photos or videos that you would like to make available through Captain Nemo’s Quest, please visit our HELPER PAGE .

Reporting inappropriate content

If you would like to report an inappropriate photo or video displayed in Captain Nemo’s Quest, CONTACT US .

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These shows are a free service for the
countries and groups working to protect
and save our wildlife.  The shows are
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1) Your donation is tax deductable!*
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3) We do not and never will
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4) All funds received will go directly
to animals we help, producing this
series, maintaining this site or forwarding
the money to groups helping abandoned
animals and endangered species.

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