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From our CEO

I just received a message from the mother of a Girl Scout:

Captain Nemo :)

My name is Mrs. Miller and I just wanted to let you know how much your website has helped my daughter Katie! Katie's Girl Scout troop is currently working on their 'Voices for Animals Badge' and your animal welfare resources were fantastic!

The Voices for Animals Badge is a senior badge that explores the connection between humans and animals so they can make informed choices and help others make them too. The badge requires the girls to investigate animals used for science, take a look at animals used for sports and entertainment and dive deeper into animal rights issues. Your website had all of the information we were looking for, so Katie requested I reach out and let you know :)

As a thank you, I wanted to pass along this vegan and cruelty free clothing guide that Katie found...

She was very excited to share it with you! She thought it might help others make more informed choices about the clothing they buy and how they shop. Would you mind adding it on your site somewhere for her?

Let me know if you get a chance to add it; I know Katie would be thrilled to show her troop leader and the rest of the girls! Let me know :)

Thank you again,
Mrs. Kelly Miller

For your convenience, here's the link to the vegan clothing site
brought to my attention by Katie Miller

   I pulled it off!  I was able to give over 2000 bandages of all sizes and some medicine to 6 animal hospitals.  I was so happy to get enough donations to be able to get it to them, it almost made me cry.  Many thanks to Ralph Kottke, who made my Marquiss Foundation for animals possible and Herb Shaw, without whom I could not have pulled this off.  I also want to thank the following people who believed in me and donated to make this possible: Bev Holak, Thomas Holak, Hayli Marquiss, Daniel West, Steve Ellsworth, John Landrum and Bob Petrovich.  And last but least, the star in the sky, John Suchy.  (This photo of me only shows a small part of what I sent out.)  My dream of helping animals has come true!!!
The animal hospital people were also very happy
for our donation (see above).

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Generous people have donated bandages, iodine swabs and even some dog food for help with the animals hurt in wildfires.
Here you see our founder standing beside some of the goods we just sent out.
Your donation can help us do more of the same.

Help save this elephant!
Visit to learn five things
YOU can do to stop trophy hunting.
These five steps can also work for poaching and
any other human activity that endangers animals.

Captain Nemo's Quest for Endangered Wildlife is the main public website for the Marquiss Foundation, a California non-profit educational corporation, dedicated to helping animals in trouble or endangered, here in the United States and around the world.

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