While rare animals are often members of an
endangered species, that's not always true.
For example this white moose is a mutation
of normal parents.

On the other hand, the Blue Booby is
endangered due to rapidly declining population
while there are still thousands of them off the
west coasts of Central and South America.

Here are 30+ of the rarest animals on earth.
Many of these are endangered, but not all.
They are easy to find on the internet,
but ONLY if you know to look for them.

Pudu: world's smallest deer

Kakapu: flightless parrot

Golden Snub Nose Monkey

Nilgiri Marten: South India

Vampire Squid: unique

Honduran White Bats: tiny

Andean Cock of the Rock

Guianan Cock of the Rock

Saiga Antelope: odd nose

Temmink's Tragopan: China

Maned Wolf: 3' tall

Bongo Antelope: striped

Sunda Flying Lemur: glider

Hummingbird Topaz:
World's Smallest Bird

Indian Malabar
Giant Squirrel

Brookesia Micra: smallest chamelion

Pallas Cat: eastern Asia

Aardwolf: closer to a hyena

Bat-eared Fox: African insect eater

Banded Palm Civet: southeast Asia

Pangolin: armored mammal

Hoatzin: pronounced "what-seen"

Mexican Mole Lizard: has feet

Ring-tailed Mongoose: Madagascar

Sand Cats: have fur under their paws

Quoll: short-lived marsupials

Pink Fairy Armadillo: very elusive

Racoon Dog: more dog than racoon

Lowland Streaked Tenrec: spiked hair

Mangalitsa Pig: Hungarian cross breed

Jaguarundi: South American big cat
And just for good neasure,
watch Danger Dolan talk about 15 more:

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